Kids Ministry Volunteer

Interested in serving to apply the scriptures into the heads, hands, and hearts of Hays Hills Kids?

Our vision and values

The vision of HH Kids is to carry out the mission of Hays Hills Baptist Church by putting the scriptures into the heads, hands, and hearts of our children.

We accomplish our vision by practicing the following values:

  • Praying for the kids (Colossians 1:3-14)
  • Relying on the Holy Spirit to regenerate kids’ hearts through the faithful teaching of His Word (Ephesians 2:4-10Titus3:5)
  • Making the whole Bible known to kids with a special emphasis on the Gospel (Deuteronomy 6:6-9Romans 1:16-17)
  • Equipping and encouraging parents who are primarily responsible for teaching biblical truths to their kids (Proverbs 1:8Ephesians 6:4)
  • Living Faithfully before the kids and modeling for them how Christians are called to respond to God, interact with others, and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 5:16Mark 9:42)

Volunteer requirements

  • Must be members in good standing of HHBC and have been regularly attending for 6 months.  
  • Must be adults (18 or older). Minors who are at least thirteen years of age are welcome to assist (subject to the approval and direction of the Kids Minister), but they will be paired with an adult caregiver at all times.
  • Attend annual training (Ministry Area Training and Child Protection Policy Review).
  • Protect our kids by following the Child Protection Policy.
  • Arrive at their area of service 15 minutes prior to the start time.
  • Understand that the care of children is a privilege. Volunteers may be suspended at any time by the Kids Minister, Lead Pastor, or Elders if the above expectations are consistently not met. 

Volunteer positions

Leadership Team (2 hours once a quarter)

The HH Kids Leadership Team consists of key HH Kids leaders who help the Kids Minister carry out the vision of HH Kids. The leaders are the Kids Minister plus a representative from preschool, Sunday A.M., Wednesday P.M., and HH Kids Events.

Bible Life

bible life director (1-2 hours every few weeks)

Help with the administration of Bible Life (ex. creating teaching rotation schedules).

bible life teachers (1 hour in class and 1 hour of prep every other week)

Use The Gospel Project Curriculum to teach lessons for our Kids Bible Life classes. They teach in teams of two during the 9:30 hour once every other week. If you love kids, but don’t feel comfortable teaching, training is available.

bible life assistants (1 hour once a month)

Help teachers with large classes keep the kids engaged, ranging from craft help to snack help and anything else the teacher might need.

Bible life subs (1 hour as needed)

Fill in for the teachers and assistants when they are out of town or sick. Subs teach during the 9:30 hour. Most times advance notice is given, but sickness can happen at any moment so subs may be asked to fill on shorter notice.  

Kids' Worship

kids director (1-2 hours every few weeks)

Help with the administration of Children’s Worship (ex. creating volunteer rotations)

Kids worship assistants (1 hour once a month)

Serve on rotation and join the children in Children's Worship during the 10:45 service. They help monitor the kids, lead the discussion question time, share a testimony, and help lead in the time we spend with the children.  


awana director (1.5 hours every wednesday)

Come to AWANA each week to help the Children’s Minister with running each night of AWANA (ex. checking verse tracking sheets).

game leader (1.5 hours every wednesday)

Lead kids in AWANA games each week.

record keeper (1 hour a week)

Take the points and verse sheets home each week. They input each week’s info into our AWANA records.

secretaries (1.5 hours every wednesday)

Check children into AWANA each week. They also track how many verses each child says and the awards they earn. 

cubbies room leaders (1.5 hours every wednesday)

Spend all night with our Cubbies kids. Responsibilities include helping them memorize verses, playing games, and helping everyone listen during a large group Bible storytime.

handbook leaders (30 min - 1.5 hours every wednesday)

Spend all night (or just handbook time) with a group of our children. They sit with the children during lesson time, listen to children recite their verses, and play games during game time. 

large group teachers (30 min every wednesday)

Follow the lesson plans they get from the Children’s Minister and teach the lesson to either the Sparks (K-2) or TNT (3-5) kids.


volunteers on rotation (1-2 hours once a month)

Work alongside our childcare workers to spend Sunday morning caring for our little ones.

Annual Events (anywhere from 30 min - 3 hours depending on the event)

HH Kids hosts annual events like VBS or Fall Festival. We love to have members partner with us to put these events on each year.

Interested in serving? Fill out this form and we will contact you!