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20170921_095639What fun this will be!  Traditionally, RAs and GAs hold a Pinewood Derby for other RAs and GAs.  This year, they're inviting everyone to join in the fun!  Kits have been purchased and will be sold for the donation of your choice (minimum suggestion is $5 per kit) with all proceeds going to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  All ages are welcome to build a car, and there will be two dates announced for getting help with cutting your car if anyone needs it.

Pinewood Derby will be held on January 27 at Hays Hills Baptist Church, with age level competition and awards.  

Informational and instructional meetings are scheduled for Oct 1 and Oct 8, at 4:30 p.m., in Building B (behind the building with the steeple).  Please plan to attend one, if you are able.

Adult Volunteers Needed

We're looking for some adult volunteers to come in on Sunday afternoons and help participants prepare their cars (we'll need some people to use saws to cut the cars and we'll need some people to be encouragers as participants build their cars).  We would also be grateful if there were a few adults willing to come up on a set Saturday to work with participants who need their cars cut.  Please contact Sharon Sweet by phone (512-560-6053, number does not accept texts) if you can offer any time.


RA Cars are different from AWANA and Scout cars.  The cars are shaped differently to fit on a different type of track, so be sure to check with Sharon Sweet or Mark McDaid on getting the right kit. Mark McDaid:

Building the Cars

Participants can come on Sunday afternoons at 4:30 p.m., Building B (behind the building with the steeple) to work on their cars.  They can also work on their cars at home.  Cars need to be ready in time to race on January 27!


For more information, contact:

Sharon Sweet by phone: 512-560-6053

Mark McDaid

Shelley McDaid