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myHHBC is a database that integrates with our church records and requires that you login.

HHBC provides its members 24/7 access to their member information. All members who wish to access their information can create a log in. It is a part of our website where we keep information that would not be available to the public. If you are looking for information that is not considered "personal" then click back to the Home page. Once registered, you can:

•view the church directory & calendar
•register for events
•view your contributions and give to HHBC online
•stay in contact with your church groups
•print directories or mailing labels
•update your own profile with a new address, phone number, email address, or even your family or individual picture!

Click HERE for access to our myHHBC.

You may also find ChurchLife helpful.  

church lifeChurch Life is a free mobile app that makes all your important church information conveniently available on your smart phone or device. The works with our current church database software from ACS Technologies to provide useful contact, calendar & even ministry task management information to our congregation.

Who is it for?
All of us! As we navigate our lives and exercise our passion for Christ, we often need quick access to contact information or the calendar of church events RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Perhaps you just learned about a struggle in the life of someone at church is through social media. You want to send a card or an email to build that person up. But you don’t have their address – ChurchLife puts that information in the palm of your hand!

How do I get it?
The ChurchLife app is available FREE from your App Store:
IPhone | Android | Windows Phone | Blackberry & Others

Is it going to bug me with notifications?
NO! This app does not push any notifications or messages out to you. It is strictly a tool for you to find information to help you connect with others & deepen relationships. It will not bug you or nag you. We promise!

What information about me is available?
Primarily, your basic contact information is available, much like a traditional paper copy “Church Directory”. The names of your family members, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and birthdates are available, but can be hidden. Sensitive information like prayer requests & giving records are not available to ANYONE in this app. If you chose to hide some of this information, please keep in mind that the app will be most useful if everyone in our congregation keeps their primary email address & primary phone number visible for others.

What if I do not want my information shown?
No problem. Each of us values privacy differently. You can control the visibility of your information yourself in the Access ACS portal. You can login here.
If you do not have an account, or you would simply prefer for the church staff to hide your information, please email with your request. You can specify that all information be hidden or only certain parts.

Is this information secure?
Yes. The ChurchLife app gives us access to the same information which is already maintained in the church database. The information is stored in a secure data center and is not downloaded to your mobile device. Your financial information (if you choose to store it for future transactions) is NOT stored on the device. Personal information like phone numbers and addresses is not publicly available. All users need an Access ACS account. These accounts are reviewed and approved by our church staff. Please email for assistance with setting up your account.

NOTE:  To make a payment towards an event (pay balance due) for which you have registered, please find instructions here