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Preschool (Babies - 4 year olds)

Our goal is to get Scripture into the hands, head, and heart of our children. On Sunday mornings we have classes at 9:30am and 10:45am in which we are aiming Scripture at the heart of our preschoolers. We place Scripture in the head of our preschoolers as the Scriptures are read and taught and in the hands of our preschoolers as they engage in crafts which reinforce the Scripture and as they have opportunity to sing and dance in praise of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Recommended Resources:
The Big Picture Story Bible 
Seeds Family Worship (Songs)
What's in the Bible? w/ Buck Denver (Videos)

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Elementary (K - 5th)

On Sunday mornings we endeavor to get the Scriptures into the hands, head, and heart of our elementary students through small group Children's Bible Life classes that meet at 9:30am and through Children's Worship that meets during the 10:45am service. We want our elementary children to see that the Bible isn't a bunch of individual stories jammed into a really big book, but rather that the Bible is one book, telling one story of how God is redeeming a people through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Recommended Resources:
Long Story Short (10 minute family devotions)
Seeds Family Worship (Songs)
What's in the Bible? w/ Buck Denver (Videos)

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AWANA (K-5th)

AWANA comes from 2 Timothy 2:15, "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth" and is our vehicle on Wednesday nights for saturating our children's lives with the Scriptures. Children memorize Scripture, earn awards, play games, and participate in fun theme nights throughout the school year.

Recommended Resources:
AWANA Parent Handbook
AWANA Nightly Theme and Semester Schedule

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Rite of Passage

We are excited to begin a new year with a new class of 6th grade students at Hays Hills!  We start with new Sunday morning teachers: Scott and Cynthia Hill & Jessica and Ken Moore.  We also welcome new Wednesday night teachers Lynnette and Mark Junkins.  We are extremely grateful for the years of service given by our previous leader, Linda Hopkins.  What a blessing to have all of these godly individuals with hearts for this age group!


Rite of Passage is an all-year preparation of our 6th graders for the 7th grade.  There is a walk through the Bible, Christian ethics for kids, Experiencing God and Preparing for Adolescence.

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